Ghana’s TIN registration becomes an integral part of financial transactions from April 1- GRA

Mon, 12-Feb-2018, 06:51

Persons without a Tax Identification Number (TIN) from April 1 will among others, not be able to open a bank account, procure a drivers’ licence or a passport as well as initiate a case at any court across the country.

Again, such persons cannot clear goods at the ports, register their land documents with the Lands Commission, obtain a tax clearance certificate from GRA and register a company at the Registrar General’s Department

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They cannot also obtain payments for jobs or contracts done for government, register their vehicle at the DVLA, bid for contracts from Government agencies, conduct business with ministries, departments and agencies, and conduct business with metropolitan, municipal and district assemblies.

TIN is an 11-digit unique number given to identify individuals and also enable the Ghana Revenue Authority to credit anyone who pays tax to the government.

A statement issued by the Ghana Revenue Authority said “the registration process for TIN for both individuals and organisations is absolutely free”.

It said registration forms for the Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN) can be obtained from all GRA offices nationwide, and urged the public to visit their offices to register.

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