Doing it for Ghana: Man's epic 4,900-mile road trip from Paris to Accra

Sun, 01-Oct-2017, 17:28

Nicholas Afedi Donkoh takes a selfie in Morocco. His near-5,000 mile road trip took nine days.
Flying from Paris to Accra takes six hours and 20 minutes, direct. But why fly when you can drive? One Ghanaian opted to take the road less traveled this summer, clocking 4,900 miles in just nine days. Why? For family and for country.

Twenty-nine-year-old mechanical engineer Nicholas Afedi Donkoh drove all the way from his house in France to his hometown in Ghana to prove a point: that everyone deserves an adventure.
"I just wanted the world to know that it's not only white people who can go on such trips, but we blacks, too, can do that as well," he says.

There was a secondary purpose also: "The whole idea was to make Ghana more popular and also make  Ghanaians all over the world proud."
In an exclusive interview with CNN, Donkoh says he bankrolled the trip himself, denying earlier reports that he received sponsorships, while revealing he spent nearly $2,400 just on fuel.

Donkoh's BMW on the road in Mauritania.

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Source : CNN

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