AFRICA IS RISING...but for who?

Fri, 15-Jul-2016, 08:06

While independence from colonial occupation and exploitation was often followed by long periods of internal strife and political struggle,  democratic transformation and economic rejuvenation has led to significant political and economic advancement on the African continent.  Indeed, increased investment and related economic growth have seen the continent begin to occupy an important space in the global business environment.

The Minimalist’s Guide to Selling Homes

Mon, 11-Jul-2016, 02:59

You have made the decision to sell your home, you’ve contacted an estate agency and you are eager to move on and enjoy a new home. At this stage, your focus is on staging your current home and making it as appealing as possible so that you ensure a pain-free sale. At this stage, it really pays to do your homework and make important decisions regarding presentation, atmosphere and furniture placement.

June 2016 Halifax House Price Index

Mon, 11-Jul-2016, 02:49

The Halifax have release their HPI for June 2016 today.

House prices in the three months to June 2016 were 1.2% higher than in the three months to March 2016.

Martin Ellis, Halifax housing economist, said:

    “There is evidence that the underlying pace of house growth may be easing. House prices in the three months to June were 1.2% higher than in the previous quarter; down from 1.5% in May. The annual rate of growth fell from 9.2% in May to 8.4%; the lowest since July 2015. "House prices continue to increase, albeit at a slower rate, but this precedes the EU referendum result, therefore it is far too early to determine any impact since

Best Rural Electrification Project – Big Project 2016

Fri, 17-Jun-2016, 11:02

This category refers to large scale rural electrification project based on renewable sources of

energy. The project must supply electricity to at least 1,000 houses.

Best Urban Re- generation – Big Projects 2016

Fri, 17-Jun-2016, 10:24

This category refers to a large scale transformation of a declining urban area, township, community, etc., to a vibrant economic, commercial and residential hub, through the construction/renovation/expansion of infrastructural facilities, establishment of new / resuscitation of dwindling industries and other sources of employment, expansion of residential facilities, etc.


Best Infrastructure – Big Project 2016

Fri, 17-Jun-2016, 10:13

This category refers to a large scale infrastructure project worth at least a billion dollars which must have created thousands of jobs in its development/construction, brought social and economic transformation to the situated environment/community, and be a key driver of growth.

Best Solar Design Project 2016

Fri, 17-Jun-2016, 10:00

This category refers to well-designed plants providing credible and reliable alternate power. The Project must be a utility-scale ultra-modern enterprise with efficient computer-controlled photovoltaic panels providing electricity to at least a hundred homes, and must have led to the creation of hundreds of jobs.

Best Recycle Project 2016

Fri, 17-Jun-2016, 09:37

This category refers to both: plants set up to recycle waste materials for productive purposes, or innovative developments/facilities made from recycled materials. The project must bring environmental and social transformation by way of its demonstrable impact on the environment and in the lives of the people in community as a source of livelihood, etc.



Best Railway Design Project 2016

Fri, 17-Jun-2016, 09:29

This category refers to the best designed modern railway project. The project must offer state of the art public transport, excellent commuter experience and passenger/cargo flows, optimum community integration, multiple employment opportunities and enhanced connections and linkages between urban and remote centres to boost the country’s GDP.


Best Property Management Team of the year 2016

Fri, 17-Jun-2016, 09:19

This category refers to Companies managing the lease, rentals, sales, maintenance, and utilities management of properties on behalf of ownership. The Firm must have a proven track record of creating value for its clients, and must necessarily have a diverse clientele list on its portfolio – estates, commercial complexes, retail outlets, etc. As proof of its client – responsiveness and satisfaction, the Team must show an ever increasing clientele base.



Best Airport Construction Project 2016

Fri, 17-Jun-2016, 08:28

This Category refers to both new construction and expansion/modernization of existing airports. This must be an ambitious, ultra-modern project with architecturally magnificent terminals and other vital infrastructure, a commercial/retail hub, business lounge, etc., and must meet international-level security and safety standards and related regulations.

Best Innovation Commercial Infrastructure

Fri, 17-Jun-2016, 08:08

Zenitaka-Hyundai Joint Venture Uganda

In a bid to stem congestion over the Nile, Jinja bridge in Uganda is being constructed as a second crossing. This added capacity will facilitate more traffic through this major economic corridor. The river is a stumbling block to trade in this landlocked East African country, which lies along the banks of Lake Victoria.