Affordable Housing---Lakeside Estates have their say

Tue, 02-Sep-2014, 10:01

Due to a lack of mid-price housing, urban Ghanaians are often confined to two options: plush penthouse or crammed shanty town. Around half of Ghana’s 25 million residents now live in urban areas, and suburban sprawl has subsumed towns near major cities. To deal with these growing urban populations, UN Habitat estimates that 5.7 million new rooms – or 2 million new households – will be required by 2020;

“Berock Ventures sheds more light on partnership and good corporate governance”

Mon, 01-Sep-2014, 09:35

Berock Ventures is echo friendly and a good corporate citizen in the business of community upliftment. The company has transformed itself into a leading construction company in Ghana just over two decades. It is committed to improving the quality of life of people with the use of appropriate, sustainable infrastructure development solutions. Timely and quality delivery is its hallmark.

We are bullish in tracking opportunities in the market' – Actis

Thu, 15-May-2014, 11:20

The retail and office space markets are, understandably, flourishing in sub-Saharan Africa, particularly in Nigeria, and as demand in this market continues to come from increasingly sophisticated consumers and international retailers, the need for products of international standards becomes imperative. FUNKE OKUBADEJO, a director in Real Estate at Actis – a private equity manager that prides itself with ‘power of capital’ – speaks with CHUKA UROKO on how her firm is pioneering the development of these products, among other issues. Excerpts:


Tue, 28-Jan-2014, 06:09

We met with Kelvin Kwaku Boateng to delve into the business of housing data. Why is Kelvin so passionate about collecting data to serve his country? Not only is he  thinking like a Ghanaian but an African as well. Godwin spoke to Kelvin, Now the encounter...........

You Are One Percent Away from Being a Bonobo

Sat, 26-Oct-2013, 22:06

When author Deni Béchard discovered bonobos shared almost 99 percent of human DNA, and based their relationships on cooperation and collaboration, he knew he had to write about them.

Selling: How To Negotiate A Higher Price For Your House

Sun, 20-Oct-2013, 12:30

Negotiation is where many FSBO home sellers really have problems. The wrong attitude or a slip of the tongue could cost you thousands. Here are a few pointers to keep you on the right path:

Bringing life to dead space! Can a green wall revolutionise your office?

Sun, 01-Sep-2013, 09:21

Over on the other side of the Atlantic, the US Government has recently sanctioned a $450million fund to help businesses make their offices more environmentally friendly.

Are there boom times ahead for Biomass Technologies?

Sun, 01-Sep-2013, 09:00

A report by the Sustainable Venture Intelligence (SVI) consultancy has predicted that 2015 will be a ‘boom’ year for the biomass boiler market.

Uganda: Survey - More Women Think Dometic Violence Is Justified

Sun, 17-Mar-2013, 11:37

Ruth Ojiambo Ochieng, the Isis-WICCE′s executive director, linked domestic violence to early marriage. Many girls are married off before they turn 18, which leaves them at the mercy of their hu

Libya: Climate Conversations - Could Libya Be a Top Solar Energy Producer?

Sat, 09-Mar-2013, 13:49

Could Libya become a major producer of solar power? New research suggests the North African country could produce about five times more power from solar energy than it does from oil.

Research c

Brazil to survey Amazon rainforest

Sat, 26-Jan-2013, 01:27

The Brazilian government has announced that it plans to undertake the huge task of recording an inventory of the trees in the Amazon rainforest.

The Forestry Ministry said the census would take

Change is imminent′: African CEOs look to bright future

Mon, 07-Jan-2013, 05:38

Sitting at the first Africa CEO Forum this week, in the heart of Geneva, I asked myself if this was the right time to open the debate on Africa′s private sector future. Was Geneva the right place? C