Ghana’s President to make Accra the financial center in sub-Saharan Africa

Tue, 15-Aug-2017, 14:28

The government is seeking to make Accra a financial services center in sub-Saharan Africa (SSA) that will serve as a converging point for regional giants in the financial intermediation space.

Maltese businesses explore housing investment opportunities in Ghana

Fri, 28-Jul-2017, 06:34

The Ghana Investment Promotion Centre (GIPC) held an investment presentation for a 28-member business delegation from Malta,

Alibaba Founder Considering Investment In Kenya After Impressive Visit

Thu, 27-Jul-2017, 02:50

Chinese e-commerce tycoon Jack Ma has been impressed with his two-day visit to Kenya, and the Alibaba founder admits that he will be considering making investments in the country.

Private equity investors in Africa are distinct from other parts of the world

Tue, 18-Apr-2017, 06:50

New research shows private equity activity in Africa will inject billions of US dollars of sustainable investment over the next five years.

Mauritius to build cyber city in Ghana

Fri, 13-Jan-2017, 09:20

Mauritius has announced plans to undertake a number of projects, including the construction of a modern cyber-city in the country

Ghana’s Gov’t signs loan agreement with Kuwait

Wed, 12-Oct-2016, 11:16

The Government and the Kuwait Fund for Arab Economic Development have signed a concessional loan agreement of Kuwaiti Dinar 7.0 million (US$24.0 million) for the expansion and development of 26 existing Senior High Schools Project.

A new look at income taxation in Ghana

Sat, 01-Oct-2016, 17:18

Ghana’s parliament has enacted new income tax legislation with an effective date of September 1, 2015.

Vietnamese investors target rice investment

Tue, 27-Sep-2016, 07:05

Vietnamese rice investors and exporters drawn from about 14 companies are in the country to explore investment opportunities in rice production, processing, storage, marketing and distribution.

Investing in Arts-Collectibles: An alternative asset class

Sun, 25-Sep-2016, 17:41

Collectibles are gradually emerging as an alternative asset class, offering investors decent returns relative to stock and fixed income markets. Collectibles are items that are worth far more than they appear because of their rarity and or demand. Common categories of collectibles include antiques, toys, coins, comic books and stamps.

7 cities that could steal business from London

Fri, 09-Sep-2016, 23:10

Cities around Europe are getting ready to fill the big Brexit-shaped hole emerging in London.

Britain's vote to leave the European Union rocked the global financial markets and tanked the pound. One of the main concerns is the future of London as the financial and tech capital of Europe.